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The program includes relax massage for whole your body and douche. The girl dressed in beautiful linen will massaging you from the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers. She will help you to remove fatigue, relax muscles and improve efficiency.

Duration: The program - 1 hour 15 minutes, Massage - 1 hour.
Cost: 1500 rub

The Body «dream of the sultan» (1 relax)

Body massage begins with a shower with the charming girl. Pleasant touches of velvet skin in unison with streams of warm water and air foam will wash away from you alarms and everyday fatigue. After the shower, comfortably ensconced in a romantic twilight under the bewitching sounds of music, the girls begin their presentation. In this part of the program you will find an abundance of affection, gentle touches and hugs - the girls will perform massage body parts - breasts, buttocks and tummy...

Duration: the program –1 hour 30 minutes; massage – 1 hour 15minutes.
Cost: 2500 rub (in 2 hands), 3500 rub (in 4 hands)

Aphrodite's Kiss (1 relax)

In the slow-slip covering your skin with kisses, the masseuse will give relaxation to your body and make the brain switch off for a while, forgetting everything. You experience a pleasant dizziness from waving touches of tender and juicy lips. Hot breath, which is used in this technique, fills your body with fresh energy and refreshes it.

Duration: the program - 2 hours; massage 1 hour 45minutes.
Cost: 3500 rub.

Double pleasure (2 relaxes)

Massage begins with pleasant shower and acquaintance with a charming masseur. Then the world of touch open to you tremendous sensuality which you have never imagine, beautiful, fragrant, improving, kneading and relaxing massage on all body, without false modesty. You will get a double relaxation from exciting movements of the masseur. Pleasant music will help you to forget about worldly vanity and completely to plunge into the world of emotions.

Duration: the program – 1hour 30minuts; massage – 1 hour 15minuts.
Cost: 3500 rub (in 2 hands), 5000 rub (in 4 hands)

«Sakura branch» (cooling) (1 relax)

"Sakura branch " delivers you mass of pleasure and a acuteness of new feelings. Your feelings will be excited and body will relax. The reason of it is, partly, painful slowness of an occurring abundance of smooch, bringing you to an orgasm, partly, complete awakening of erotic potential of all your body. The beautiful girl slowly puts on your body an ice cube. The "unexpected" cold aggravates sensuality to a limit. Gentle biting, touches of a hot tongue, plump lips and a barely perceptible breeze, girl kisses cover your whole body, from the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers…

Duration: the program – 2 hours; massage – 1 hour 45minutes
Cost – 3500 rub

Massage for ladies

A woman is like a flower growing in the world of feelings, emotions and desires. The life-giving soil for her beauty are the new impressions, the monotony can lead to withering. If life has turned into a routine, which violates the harmony and the soul craves a holiday or You simply want to treat yourself an unusual wonder- try erotic massage in our relaxation Studio.

Due to massage for ladies You will discover new unexplored centers of passion on Your body. You are in the erotic extravaganza where fantasies come to life. Depending on the mood and imagination, each of our guest can choose the original erotic prelude to the main massage and the number of masseuses, which will please her, the attention of the two girls is a double bliss

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: 2500 rubles (in 2 hands), 3500 rubles (4 hands)

Falls of pleasures

If you have some minutes to relax, this program is for you. You will feel like a king of water procedures where the invigorating and very pleasant stream will carry away all your indispositions. Massage under streams of water will give rest to a tired body, will return cheerfulness and will restore forces.

Duration: the program – 15-20 minutes.
Cost: 1000 rub (in 2 hands)

Massage for married couples

Do you want to take care about each other, to make something together, to learn, feel something new, pleasant? Come to massage together, give vent to the imagination!

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 5000 rub (in 4hands)

Massage with the foam water

This massage is a good prelude to all types of massage. Now, imagine that You take a warm bath with scented foam by candles, with Oriental spices. The hot body of the girl surely slides on your naked body. The cool stream of water only occasionally refreshing the consciousness - this is truly unforgettable! Girl bathes you, massaging his shoulders, neck and back. This massage ends with beautiful erotica - the girl causes the gel on her naked body and washes you, touching with her breasts, belly and buttocks.


1 relax

Duration: the program – 1 hour 30 minutes
Cost: 4500 rubles.



2 relaxes

 Duration: the program – 2 hours
Cost: 5000 rubles.